Local Community Tech

News and information about local community technology, with a focus on the UK

Do you run a local activity, organisation or project?

Did you know you can add your news or events to localcommunitytech.interests.me for free?

Our community email goes out weekly and your information could feature in it, as well as being published on this website.

What is localcommunitytech.interests.me?

localcommunitytech.interests.me is a community website and weekly email. It’s also a network of community organisations who can share each other’s events and activities. Local residents can find a rich source of local events and activities that are otherwise difficult to find.

localcommunitytech.interests.me is managed by interests.me and any relevant organisation or project is welcome to apply to join. Participating organisations or projects get access to the features of interests.me’s online tool which enables them to manage all their communications.

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