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About Horsell Residents' Association

Horsell Residents' Association was formed in 1965 as a non-political group open to all adult residents of Horsell. It exists as "the independent voice of Horsell" to:

1. promote, uphold and protect the interests of residents in matters that affect Horsell and its environs.
2. bring those matters to the notice of relevant bodies and accordingly keep its members informed.
3. support and promote social and benevolent activities for the general benefit of Horsell residents

Horsell Residents' Association upholds these aims activities including: publishing the quarterly magazine - The Resident - delivered by volunteers to all households; organising a Horsell Village Show and also through support of Horsell' community action team the Second Thursday Club.

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Founded in August 2012 the Club builds on the spirit of goodwill and cooperation created during the very successful Horsell Jubilation festivities. Meetings, open to anyone who lives in or works in the village, are informal and held on the second Thursday of every month to discuss on-going projects and new ideas. ► Second Thursday Club projects include ❶ Horsell Calendar and notelets ❷ Horsell Christmas Fair ❸ Pares Woodland Gardens - Restoration of woodland ❹ Footpaths Group - ❺ Litter Pick

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Latest posts

Horsell Village Show - CofE Junior School - 22 July @ 1.30pm

The Horsell Village Show is has been happening for over 150 years and will be held in the grounds of Horsell C of E Junior School (in Meadway Drive) on the afternoon of Saturday 22nd July.

Regular attractions include competition classes for both adults and children including flowers, floral art. vegetables, fruit, cookery, photography, handicraft, art, limericks etc.. There are displays by various groups, craft stalls. children's entertainments and games, music and dance. Tea and cake and other refreshments are available throughout the afternoon.

Join the contact lists to be kept up to date with details of hiring a stall and volunteering to help with the organisation on the weekend.

Find us online at our website.
22 Jul 2017 at 1:30pm
until 22 Jul 2017 at 4:00pm
Horsell CofE Junior School,
Meadway Drive
GU21 4TA

Summer Concert - Friday 21 July - St Marys

Posted on behalf of Horsell Community Choir
Outstanding singing quintet Apollo 5 will perform their engaging variety of classical, folk, jazz and pop to move entertain and inspire. They are supported by Horsell Community Choir.

All funds support the charity Music in Detention.
Tickets £10 are available from Costcutter, at the door or from
21 Jul 2017 at 7:30pm
St Mary The Virgin
Church Hill
GU21 4QQ

Woodland Action Team - Saturday 8 July @ 9:30am

Posted on behalf of Second Thursday Club
Join Woodland Action Team at Pares Woodland Garden (behind the Scout HQ and Village Hall) to help with:

  • Watering : please bring as many containers filled with water as possible
  • Planting : foxgloves, poppies and anything you would like to bring along
  • Weeding: sycamore seedlings and also the “bund”
  • Cutting back
  • Redoing the edging on some paths with silver birch poles
Refreshments will be available with cake and coffee in the woodland

Bring secateurs, shears, trowels, spades and water. Hope to see you there.
08 Jul 2017 at 9:30am
until 08 Jul 2017 at 12:30pm
Pares Woodland Garden
Pares Close
GU21 4QN

Urgent Appeal - watering new Saplings, Pares Woodland Garden

Could you help us to water the saplings growing along the front of Pares Woodland garden, on both sides? The saplings were planted in November and have got off to an excellent start. However, because there has been very little rain for several weeks, the saplings will need some help. Their roots are still quite shallow and without water, they will die.

Each sapling needs about 4 pints of water each week. If lots of people could pop by and water a couple of saplings regularly during this dry weather, please go along with water carriers or 4 pint milk bottles. Then the saplings will thrive.

Do you live near Pares Woodland Garden and do you have a hose pipe? ( Hill Close?) Let us know and then we could come along with watering cans and have a good watering session.


Thank you

Horsell Litter Pick - Saturday 15 July - Queen Elizabeth Gardens @ 10am

Posted on behalf of Second Thursday Club
This month we will meet in Queen Elizabeth Gardens and pick in the centre of the village.

All equipment supplied, hope to see you there.
15 Jul 2017 at 10:00am
Queen Elizabeth Gardens
High Street
GU21 4SS

Barn Dance - Horsell CofE School Field - Saturday 22 July @ 7pm

This Barn Dance is taking place after the Village Show in the marquees on the Horsell CofE School field. These dances are always great fun and give the perfect opportunity to dust off those fantastic cowboy boots, hats, leather skirts, chaps and bootlace ties.

Bring your own food and drink.

Tickets cost £10 for adults and £7.50 for children and are available from Mike Couper on 01483 770920 or 07813 113726.
22 Jul 2017 at 7:00pm
Horsell CofE Junior School
Meadway Drive
GU21 4TA

Petition about pedestrian safety in Horsell

Spotted in Horsell: a notice about a petition to make the crossing safer at Victoria Way, just near the Bedser Bridge.

This is the pedestrian crossing where lots of people walk between Woking town centre and Horsell. The proposal is to have a countdown for pedestrians, so they know how much time there is left to cross.

You can find the petition here -

Woking Canal Boat Trips, can you help?

At the recent canal festival The Basingstoke Canal Society named a new boat that will start regular public trips in Woking from next Easter. However, this service will depend on the availability of a group of people to operate the boat. The team will deal with both day-to-day matters (eg creating a trip schedule, downloading passenger details for each trip, rostering crew, and organising refueling etc) and making “strategic” decisions about how the operation is adapted or expanded according to demand.

If you are interested in getting involved please contact Martin Leech ( 01276-452754) further details can be found here The Basingstoke Canal Society - Trip Boat Kitty

Second Thursday Club - 13 July @ 8pm - The Village Hall - Bedser Rooms

Posted on behalf of Second Thursday Club
Everyone who lives or works in Horsell is welcome at the Second Thursday Club. It's an informal gathering of local people to discuss all the things that are going on locally, to come up with new ideas or help others to develop theirs. Our aim is to make Horsell a better place to live and work!

Things that are likely to be discussed include:

  • Picnic On The Green - organization for this event on 2nd July
  • Horsell's community activities - eg Community Choir, Woodlanders, Litter Pickers, Walkers, etc
  • Fundraising activities such as the Horsell Calendar
  • Horsell's resilience plan - how Horsell deals with problems
  • Horsell's traders and any issues they are having
Come along and listen or contribute. Everyone is welcome!
13 Jul 2017 at 8:00pm
Horsell Village Hall - Bedser Rooms
High Street
GU21 4SS

Horsell's community resilience task force

Have you ever considered how Horsell might cope in an emergency?

If you're interested in helping Horsell to prepare for things that hopefully will never happen (!), we'd like to hear from you.

We're getting together with Horsell Neighbourhood Watch and Horsell Residents Association, plus a few other representatives (eg the manager at Horsell Co-op) to talk about what information resources might be useful to the village, in case any of the following things happened in Horsell:

  • Pandemic flu
  • Major disaster at Heathrow airport, taking all emergency services elsewhere
  • Large-scale fuel shortages
  • Major power cut
  • Problems with the water supply
We think it would probably be useful to have lists of keyholders to community buildings, people with 4x4 vehicles, registered first-aiders in the village, etc. As well as thinking about the best forms of communication to alert and mobilise village residents in emergency situations.

If anyone would like to join our small task force, please join the special mailing list for the resilience committee on the Horsell Snow Angels' page.