CLT LUNCHTIME HUB- Assistive Technology as a Tool in Inclusive Education

CLT LUNCHTIME HUB- Assistive Technology as a Tool in Inclusive Education

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CLT Lunchtime Hub - Assistive Technology as a Tool in Inclusive Education

The concepts of inclusion and accessibility have always had a place in education, but today with the prevalence of the digital curriculum the accessibility or otherwise of the technology we use can affect the inclusivity of our courses.

In this session Luiza Bell and Tim Winship, Assistive Technologists in Computing Services will raise questions about our current practice and awareness of accessibility. The ways in which we do things must be accessible for all, and they hope to show that this can be done with the minimum of effort, and in ways which seem invisible to the user.

They will also talk about the move towards the production of ‘born accessible’ documents in the publishing industry, and the way in which we need to achieve the same level of accessibility in our own documents. They will demonstrate how to ensure that your digital communications can be read by anyone, including those using their eyes but not ears, their ears but not eyes, or a keyboard but no mouse.

The rapid pace of technological change has not always been matched by our knowledge and skills, which in turn can affect the accessibility of our digital resources. Join the Assistive Technology team to see things from a different perspective, add your voice, and help make a positive change.

This talk will be followed by questions and answers.

A light lunch will be available from 12:15pm.

CLT Lunchtime Hubs

These are informal lunchtime events held on a monthly basis at which staff get together to share good learning and teaching practice at Bath either through workshops or presentations. Lunch is always included!

Forthcoming Hub events include: 

  • 5th April 2019  - Team Based Learning by experience - Steve Cayzer, Dept of Mechanical Engineering

27 Mar 2019 at 12:30pm
until 27 Mar 2019 at 2:00pm

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