Decoding the power of your occupational DNA

Decoding the power of your occupational DNA

Posted on behalf of Duncan Bolam Dip CG

Adventures into the anatomy of purpose, passion and productivity. And why the time taken to realise the value hidden within your occupational DNA could be the best investment you make in your whole life.

Whether worker or hirer, it is vital that you are prepared to answer the toughest question of all:

‘Tell me about yourself?’

(How you specify ‘fit’ between you and your work?)

Would you benefit from a 2-hour interactive workshop with one of the UK’s most inspirational career coaches and talent management consultants? You are invited to attend an open group clinic where Duncan will help you explore the ‘anatomy of fit’; where you explore the ingredients of ‘occupational DNA’, reveal those hidden ‘ghost skills’ and how to construct a more compelling talent story driving the key decisions of what work will instil the meaningfulness necessary to sustain you over the long haul of a 21st Century working-life. With the flipside of this equation for start-up founders being engineering the talent dynamics, more likely to turn your Business Plans into the success story you envision.

With ~90% of the population either in the wrong job completely or not engaged by their work at all, the statistical probability of getting the ‘fit’ right between worker and their work is challenging to say the least. Yet, with productivity so massively enhanced by getting purposeful, committed and joyful people into their best-fitting work, we ought to be investing more time in understanding ourselves and the work we thrive on delivering.

The workshop will include:

  • Where you are in relation to maximising your career potential now.

  • Overview of the Career Dovetail Formula™ and how with The Purpose Triangles© you can decode your occupational DNA and begin honing your career ‘fit-ness’.

  • Introduction to the importance of answering the ‘Tell Me About Yourself?’ question.

  • Overview of the importance of informational meetings and the power of networking.

  • Time permitting, we will exploring next steps to keep your career momentum going!

Far ‘fitter’ than before you entered, you will leave the clinic less reactive and more proactive, better understanding the importance of self-awareness with a greatly enhanced answer to the toughest question of all.

Plan to: Know your A-Game. Know why you are here. Know where you’re going. Fuel your life with purpose!

[**Following this launch event on 31st January, our aim is to develop the clinic theme into a regular career transition, networking and outplacement club building towards improved ‘fit-ness’ on the Silicon Seaside.**]


Duncan Bolam © 1997-2019      

31 Jan 2019 at 10:00am
until 31 Jan 2019 at 1:00pm
The Projects
8-9 Ship Street

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