William Morris in the 21st Century | Trade School Dudley

William Morris in the 21st Century | Trade School Dudley

William Morris was

  • a poet and novelist

  • a designer

  • a craftsman

  • an environmentalist

  • a printer of fine books

  • a socialist
How is his work relevant today?

Lynda will lead an exploration around this question and bring William Morris publications for you to look at.

About the teacher: Lynda Prescott

Lynda has worked in adult and higher education for many years, and has been a member of the William Morris Society for almost as long. Since she retired a year ago she has finally had time to read more about Morris, and continues to be amazed by his many-faceted work.

Barter list

Please bring one of the following in return for this class:

  • Seeds (any kind)

  • Pad of post-it notes (any size)

  • Camomile tea-bags

  • Clean empty jam-jar with lid

  • Plastic curtain hooks

  • An offer to teach a Trade School class yourself

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Trade School is open to all

Trade School is open to everyone, if you would like to bring children or babies with you just let us know when you sign up. They are welcome to join in the class, or simply be with you while you learn and they play, read or rest.

Trade School is great way of sharing skills and talents. Anyone can teach something they are skilled at, or passionate about. Learners ‘pay’ for class with a small barter item. Or you can offer to share your skills by teaching a Trade School Dudley class later in the year.
30 Mar 2020 at 1:30pm
until 30 Mar 2020 at 3:00pm

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