January's funding news

January's funding news

Jephcott Charitable Trust

  • Apply any time, trustees meet in April/October
  • Size of grant available: £2,000-£10,000 providing capital grants for equipment or materials rather than running costs
  • Aims and outcomes of funder: Amongst their areas of interest are funding organisations that provide educational support (formal/vocational) to enhance prospects for employment, computer skills, health awareness and distance learning. Also interested in health and healthcare work
  • Additional information: Preference for providing pump-priming funding to help an organisation get started or make a significant step forward
  • Contact details: Telephone 07941 102509
  • Website: https://bit.ly/2REwOkh

C B and H H Taylor 1984 Trust

  • Apply by the end of April/September for trustee meetings in May/November
  • Size of grant available: In 2017/18 the average grant was £2,900 (most, 60%, to Religious Society of Friends Quakers projects throughout the UK)
  • Aims and outcomes of funder: Will also support social welfare projects for elderly, disabled, homeless and children/young people, educational activities (employment training, youth work, mental health awareness) and penal affairs targeting offenders/ex-offenders reducing reoffending/helping integration and supporting offenders families
  • Additional information: Only small locally based registered charities in Birmingham and the West Midlands can apply for priorities detailed above
  • Contact details: Carolyn Bettis (Administrator), telephone 0121 472 1464
  • E-mail: cbandhhtaylortrust.info@gmail.com
  • Website: https://bit.ly/2SePIgP

Concertina Charitable Trust

  • Apply by 30th April/31st October annually
  • Size of grant available: Up to £250
  • Aims and outcomes of funder: Provide grants for musical entertainment and related activities for disadvantaged elderly people to brighten up their lives/provide a therapeutic benefit to their health and well-being
  • Additional information: Support smaller organisations that might find it difficult to obtain funding
  • Contact details: Will not discuss applications by telephone or enter into e-mail correspondence
  • Website: https://bit.ly/36KnKid

Sport England

  • Small Grants, apply any time (decision within 8 weeks)
  • Size of grant available: £300-£10,000
  • Aims and outcomes of funder: Support projects increasing activity in communities so that people get involved in physical activity helping them overcome barriers to participation so that they develop lasting sporting habits/more positive attitudes with a particular interest in activities involving children/young people aged 5-13
  • Additional information: As well as supporting recognised sporting activity grants can also be used for a range of activities that people enjoy including less formal ones
  • Contact details: Telephone 0345 8508 508
  • E-mail: funding@sportengland.org
  • Website: https://bit.ly/2UfsVEd

BBC Children in Need

  • Small Grants, next deadline 16th March 2020 with decision due end of May
  • Size of grant available: Up to £10,000 per annum for maximum 3 years i.e. up to £30,000 in total
  • Aims and outcomes of funder: Support work with disadvantaged children and young people aged 18 and under affected by illness, distress, abuse, neglect, disability, behavioural or psychological difficulties and/or living in poverty or situations of deprivation
  • Additional information: Looking for projects where a relatively small amount of money can make a big difference for children/young people so they are unlikely to fund applications for top up funding, salaries or large projects where a small grant would only have a marginal impact
  • Contact details: Telephone 0345 609 0015
  • Email: pudseygrants@bbc.co.uk
  • Website: https://bit.ly/2uJKEZG

Lloyds Bank Foundation

  • Have recently launched a new funding programme with applications invited at any time
  • Size of grant available: Up to £45,000 or £100,000 (core funding) for three years with opportunity for continuation funding (up to six years in total) as well as access to tailored developmental support
  • Aims and outcomes of funder: Support adults aged 17+ affected by complex social issues helping them on a journey of positive change through in-depth, holistic and person-centred support (see www.lloydsbankfoundation.org.uk/media/xfkl1ua5/eligibility-criteria-december-2019.pdf for details of the 11 social issues they will support, details in section 3)
  • Additional information: Only small/medium-sized local registered charities with income £25,000-£1M per annum can apply
  • Contact details: Telephone 0370 411 1223
  • Email: enquiries@lloydsbankfoundation.org.uk
  • Website: https://bit.ly/317dFdF

St James's Place Charitable Foundation

  • Apply any time
  • Size of grant available: Up to £10,000 in any two year period
  • Aims and outcomes of funder: Support work with disadvantaged young people aged under 25 suffering from physical/mental health difficulties or conditions, affected by a life threatening degenerative illness, caring for others and/or those with special needs
  • Additional information: Will also support people with cancer and only small registered charities with income below £1M a year can apply
  • Contact details: Telephone 01285 878354
  • Email: sjp.foundation@sjp.co.uk
  • Website: https://bit.ly/318O5Fu

Kelly Family Charitable Trust

  • Trustees meet twice a year, deadlines for receipt of applications are 1st March and 1st September
  • Size of grant available: Up to £5,000
  • Aims and outcomes of funder: Interested in work that strengthens families by supporting/encouraging them to work as a cohesive unit in tackling problems through interventions such as relationship counselling or mediation addressing abuse (sexual and physical), domestic violence and drug/alcohol issues. Will also support projects helping prisoners/their families during and after periods of imprisonment
  • Additional information: Only registered charities can apply and they have a preference for those with annual income below £500,000
  • Contact details: Stuart Armstrong (Grants Administrator), telephone 0131 315 4879
  • E-mail: mail@kfct.org
  • Website: https://bit.ly/2RCB0ku

Heart of England Community Foundation

  • Longleigh Foundation Community Fund, apply by 10th March 2020
  • Size of grant available: Up to £5,000
  • Aims and outcomes of funder: Support work improving discriminatory/hate-related behaviour through better understanding/awareness by delivering new/existing services or activities that address these problems resulting in proposed solutions/recommendations
  • Additional information: Only organisations in the Black Country with annual income below £250,000 can apply
  • Contact details: Telephone 024 7688 3297/4434
  • Email: info@heartofenglandcf.co.uk
  • Website: https://bit.ly/2S1ylzL

Greggs Foundation

  • Local Community Projects Fund, in 2020 first round closes 23rd February (decisions to be announced 5th May)
  • Size of grant available: Up to £2,000 with 15% success rate in 2018
  • Aims and outcomes of funder: Support projects that adopt new approaches and have innovative ideas to improve resilience in communities for people in need i.e. disabled/ill, those living in poverty, voluntary carers, homeless people and isolated older people
  • Additional information: Only small organisations close to Gregg’s shops with turnover below £300,000 per annum can apply
  • Contact details: Telephone 0191 212 7626
  • Email: grants@greggsfoundation.org.uk
  • Website: https://bit.ly/2UfukdX

Austin and Hope Pilkington Trust

  • In 2020 grant rounds 1: apply 1st-28th February (£1,000 grants); 2: apply 1st-30th April (£5,000 grants); 3: apply 1st-31st July (£1,000 grants); 4: apply 1st-30th September (£5,000 grants)
  • Size of grant available: £1,000 or £5,000 depending on funding round and annual income levels
  • Aims and outcomes of funder: The two priorities in 2020 are music/arts supporting outreach projects focused on improving opportunities and access for people with physical or learning disabilities or mental health difficulties (grant rounds 1 and 2) and elderly people aged over 60 (grant rounds 3 and 4)
  • Additional information: Registered charities with income £100,000-£1M can apply for £1,000 grants and those with income above £1M can apply for £5,000 grants
  • Contact details: Telephone 0151 236 6666
  • Email: admin@austin-hope-pilkington.org.uk
  • Website: https://bit.ly/36KZeNW

Aviva Community Fund

  • Apply via Crowdfunder by 11th February 2020 and, from 4th March 2020, the Crowdfunder page is activated for all successful applicants enabling them to add to their grant by attracting public donations
  • Size of grant available: £250,000 available every three months to be split equally among Aviva employees for donations up to £50,000
  • Aims and outcomes of funder: Areas of interest are supporting community resilience by tackling inequality/improving environments to build more connected and more resilient communities and addressing financial capability/inclusion by giving people tools to become more financially independent
  • Additional information: This new programme has been launched in partnership with Crowdfunder enabling registered charities and community interest companies with annual income below £1M to build their capabilities and drive sustainable fundraising
  • Contact details: Telephone 0151 284 1018
  • Email: avivacommunityfund@charitiestrust.org
  • Website: https://bit.ly/3aSHkMh

Comic Relief

  • Future lookin' good youth (safe place to be) programme has a two-stage application process involving young people throughout; submit a 2/3 minute video about the project (along with 250 words) by 7th February 2020 followed by a full application (if selected) by the end of March with decision by late July 2020
  • Size of grant available: £100,000-£200,000 for 18 months-3 years providing long term impact/support to disadvantaged NEET young people living in poverty and/or experiencing homelessness/insecure housing
  • Aims and outcomes of funder: Support early intervention work with young people aged 11–25 helping them build a positive future to succeed in adulthood with priority for young people who are homeless, offenders/ex-offenders, care leavers, carers (under 18) and parents (under 21)
  • Additional information: This programme is being delivered in partnership with the KFC Foundation and only organisations with income above £250,000 per annum can apply
  • Contact details: Telephone 020 7820 2000
  • Email: grantsinfo@comicrelief.com
  • Website: https://bit.ly/2U6K5DE

Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH)

  • Throughout 2020 RSPH will be working with the Key Fund on a social investment portfolio supporting six voluntary, community and social enterprises across the West Midlands to develop a new social finance programme. The Catalyst Programme is a health and wellbeing initiative focusing on new ways to support work tackling health and social inequalities to scale and extend reach within localities.
  • The fund will be launched at a workshop on 6th February 2020 (9.45am–1pm) at Aston University Cadbury Room, Birmingham B4 7ET. See Eventbrite web page link www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-catalyst-programme-social-investment-launch-rsph-and-the-key-fund-tickets-89574047387?utm_term=eventurl_text to reserve a place.
  • For more information contact Aaron Mansfield, Education Manager/Health and Wellbeing Project Manager (Young People):
  • Tel: 020 7265 7333 (landline) and 07469 351716 (mobile)
  • E-mail: amansfield@rsph.org.uk
  • Website: https://bit.ly/2RFzttP

Social Investment Business First Steps Enterprise Fund

  • Social Investment Business (SIB) is managing a £300,000 pilot fund from ASDA set up to support charities/social enterprises that are looking to take on their first loan to help them grow and become more sustainable. There is a preference for work with elderly people, health/wellbeing initiatives or employment activities for young people.
  • Up to £30,000 is available comprising loan finance of 90% (maximum £27,000) and grants of 10% up to £3,000. Interest on the loan will be charged at 5% fixed repayable over a maximum term of four years with an optional capital holiday in the first year.
  • Applications can be made at any time.
  • For more information contact:
  • Tel: 020 3096 7900 (select option 2 for loans)
  • E-mail: loans@sibgroup.org.uk
  • Website: https://bit.ly/38LeifE

Tudor Trust

  • The Tudor Trust support a variety of causes that help people on the margins of mainstream society by funding work or projects that result in positive changes in people’s lives and in their communities leading to lasting community change through inclusion, integration and independence. Applications are invited for any amount with most grants above £10,000.
  • They are more likely to support smaller community led organisations (annual income below £1M). In 2018 most organisations supported (77%) had an annual income below £500,000 and one in ten applications were successful.
  • Applications can be made at any time through a two-stage application process.
  • For more information contact:
  • Tel: 020 7727 8522
  • Website: https://bit.ly/38SySek

Severn Trent Water Community Fund

  • Severn Trent Water has recently announced the release of their new Community Fund of £10M over the next five years to support local projects, charities and community groups in the Severn Trent region helping them make a real and tangible difference. The aim of the fund is to improve community wellbeing for people as follows:

    1. Helping them lead a healthier life/gain new skills.

    2. Creating better places for them to live.

    3. Giving them greater access to the natural environment/help look after water.
  • There are three levels of funding available: £2,000-£10,000; £10,000-£75,000; £75,000-£250,000.
  • Applications can be made at any time for quarterly panel meetings to be held in March, June, September and December each year and only registered charities can apply for more than £10,000.
  • For more information contact:
  • Tel: 0800 783 4444
  • E-mail: communityfund@severntrent.co.uk
  • Website: https://bit.ly/315Ftz6

Black Country ESF Community Grants 2019-2021

  • The Black Country Community Grants programme offers grants £5,000-£20,000 to small organisations with annual turnover below £300,000 delivering a range of skills/employment support activities. Applications can be made at any time for projects lasting up to 6 months with forthcoming deadlines for the 5th, 6th and 7th rounds 2nd March, 1st May and 3rd July 2020.
  • The focus of the programme is to support hard to reach or multiply disadvantaged unemployed and economically inactive people aged over 16 helping them progress towards or obtain employment with priority for over 50s, females, disabled people and ethnic minorities.
  • For more information and to obtain an application form contact Ruth Burgess (External Funding and Community Grants Manager):
  • Tel: 01922 654351 or 658042
  • E-mail: ruth.burgess@walsall.gov.uk or communitygrants@walsall.gov.uk
  • Website: https://bit.ly/2UbpTka

National Lottery Funding Officer availability to meet potential applicants

  • John Goodman, Funding Officer at the Lottery with responsibility for Dudley borough, is available to meet voluntary and community sector organisations at our office on Wednesdays weekly. He will discuss projects with potential applicants and advise whether the Lottery may be interested in supporting these projects through one of their grant programmes.
  • If you would like to meet John his contact details are as follows so appointments at Albion Street can be arranged directly with him:
  • Telephone number (office): 0121 345 7617
  • Mobile number: 07837 248200
  • E-mail: John.Goodman@tnlcommunityfund.org.uk

Website addresses for various funding programmes

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