Intertech @ Propel and London Partners - Spilling the T on the Tech Talent...

Intertech @ Propel and London Partners - Spilling the T on the Tech Talent...

The Library is open: All the T about building a Tech career...

Every day you show up to the office your boss/manager/business partner says, "You better WERQ" but have you ever asked yourself whether you're simply paid enough? If you're making the right choices for your future? How you can influence your company's policies as an LGBT+ person or ally?

Of course, you have! Which is why we're delighted to bring you this exciting event with our expert speakers, each sharing their insights and experiences in the tech talent market to let you know where you stand and what your next steps should be - so we can all create a more inclusive and rewarding tech sector.

Our panellists have all the tea (and shade) about the tech talent market in London, including salary levels, recruitment trends and about how to get ahead at work as an LGBT+ person in tech. These fantastic people are:

Melina Jacovou, CEO & Founder @ Propel London (aka Mel from Propel)

Tamara Littleton, Serial Entrepreneur, Founder @ Polpeo and The Social Element

James Miller, Chief People Officer @ GBG

Next to our exciting line up, you'll also be dazzled by the nightime views of London: the City, Tower Bridge and Canary Wharf over networking afterwards - and we're delighted once again have our friends from Lesbians Who Tech & Gay Women's Network join us for this very important discussion.
15 Nov 2018 at 6:30pm
until 15 Nov 2018 at 9:00pm

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