A message from Jerry Chen, Intertech Co-Lead...

A message from Jerry Chen, Intertech Co-Lead...

Even though our last email had the subject of ‘Final Email of 2018…’ I couldn’t help but write one final message to everyone before 2018 wraps up :P

At the beginning of the year Chris, Rob and I had objectives to build on the momentum that had been created in 2017 to make 2018 even bigger and better. Looking back on the year, I would like to think that we’re going in the right direction. :) In 2018, we hosted 23 events with 3170 sign ups (yes I counted!). I know it’s no doubt boring for everyone else to read, but it brings me immense pride and satisfaction to know that this year, Intertech has organised events with some AMAZING companies, take a deep breath before you read this list out loud: Capco, Starling Bank, MiDrive, Comedy Bloomers, Moving Picture Company (MPC), Nutmeg, Microsoft, Deliveroo, Government Digital Service (GDS), Google Campus, Facebook, Palantir, Pride in London, BBC, Paddle, QuantumBlack, Mozilla, Cisco Meraki, Propel, London & Partners and Above the Stag Theatre.

A special mention to our fabulous Pride in London team this year! Rob started very early in the year to organise Pride 2018 and during 4 months of gruelling weekly meetings, we managed to pull off Intertech’s biggest Pride. With 160 tickets secured, 6 dedicated Pride events and 11 sponsors working with us, the Intertech Pride in London march 2018 was one of the most fun and well organised Pride marches that I had ever been on.

For all these successes in 2018, we are all very aware of the areas where we can improve. Most noticeably is the disparity in representation in the L, B, T and + in our members attending our events. This is something that we have strived to improve through partnerships with supporting organisations, and although we saw a small improvement, we recognise that there is a long way to go before we are satisfied. For 2019, I would like to continue the first challenge to all members but also add a new challenge:

  • Please continue to welcome new faces at our events into your existing friendship circles. We’ve all been the new person who didn’t know anyone and stood awkwardly at the side of networking events. It’s much easier being invited to a conversation than it is breaking into one...

  • Please introduce Intertech to your non-Gay friends. We can’t at present promise equal representation across the LGBT+ community in our organisation, but we can promise fantastic events, interesting talks, great people and plenty of fun. At the end of the day we want everyone, irrespective of sexual orientation or gender identity to feel like Intertech is a place for them.

  • Please be empowered to get involved. The Intertech committee has grown organically from volunteers who want to make the LGBT+ Tech scene a more fun, inclusive and vibrant community. If you have any great ideas about increasing representation, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we’ll do all we can to make it happen!

In summary, thank you to everyone who has made this year such an amazing one for Intertech. Thank you to all our event hosts who have generously given up their time and resources putting on the fantastically diverse set of events over the last year. Thank you too, to the many organisations who have invited us to contribute to improving the LGBT+ tech sector across the UK and improving experiences for us all. A massive thank you to the committee members and fellow co-leads (Kevin Street, Nick Goldman, Eralp Bayram, Mike Haynes, David Hanlon, Koen Vandecaveye, Adam Jackson, Chris Howard & Rob Farthing) without whom none of the above would have been achieved. And finally… thank you to you all - our members as without you Intertech wouldn’t be the thriving community that it is today.

I’ve rambled on long enough..

I wish you all a fantastic holiday period and that you return in 2019 merry, refreshed and most importantly, excited for what’s to come for Intertech in 2019!

Lots of Love,


If you would like to get involved with Intertech in 2019, please do not hesitate to reach out to info@intertechlgbt.com or any of the committee mentioned above for further details.

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