To celebrate the first day of Pride Month 2018, we are PROUD and ECSTATIC to share our Pride Calendar which includes all the exciting events which are happening between now and the Pride in London march on the 7th of July 😃🎉😃🎉😃🎉😃🎉


In the last 3 months, a super secret team of Intertech heroes and heroines have helped to organise 5 absolutely fantastic events which we’re certain will get you in the mood for what we hope to be Intertech's BEST PRIDE EVER!

Due to unprecedented popularity the first 2 events - have already been fully booked, so please make sure you look out for more comms over the next few weeks.

5th June - Microsoft - FULLY BOOKED

12th June - Deliveroo - FULLY BOOKED

28th June - Government Digital Service

4th July - Facebook

5th July - Palantir


This year will be bigger and better than ever with an expanded ticket allocation and loads of swag! To ensure that ticket distribution is fair, we will be releasing these over 2 days - the first in the evening and the second during lunch time. When selecting your ticket, please can you also ensure that you select your T-shirt size 👕

Ticket Release 1: Wednesday 6th June 7:00pm

Ticket Release 2: Friday 8th June 12:30pm

What if I missed out on a ticket? 😨

We anticipate that Pride tickets will be very popular, however fear not! Sign up for our waitlist on the second ticket release and we will keep you in the loop about our Pride activities. On the day of Pride, if you are planning to visit London and would like the chance to join the parade, please bring your wonderful self and your waitlist ticket to our parade meeting point for the chance to win tickets from no-shows in our raffle! We will try and match you with your T-shirt size but unfortunately this cannot be guaranteed - whatever size of T-shirt, we are sure that something 🦄FABULOUS 🦄 can be created from it!

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