Nutmeg Sponsor Story - Business should reflect our customers and our community...

Nutmeg Sponsor Story - Business should reflect our customers and our community...

After an incredible event with Nutmeg just over a month ago, we were delighted to hear that they were keen to continue to support Intertech LGBT+ Diversity Forum as one of our Pride in London 2018 sponsors.

We've therefore asked them to share with you, our members, what diversity inclusion means to Nutmeg and why they've chosen to work with us and support you all in celebrating Pride with Intertech this year...

Nutmeg operates in an industry that has traditionally been regarded as not being very diverse at all, yet here at Intertech we were delighted to hear that 'diversity and inclusion are essential values at Nutmeg' and that they truly 'believe that their business should reflect their customers and community'.

We were also incredibly impressed to learn that Nutmeg are also signed up to the Women in Finance Charter and are Stonewall Diversity Champions. Their CEO, Martin Stead, whom spoke passionately at our Intertech @ Nutmeg event, is also named on the OUTstanding LGBT+ Executive 2017 list in recognition of his passionate advocacy of workplace equality and diversity.

Nutmeg told us that 'supporting Intertech fits with Nutmeg’s commitment to diversity and inclusion as a key part of the way we do business' and that marching with us for 'Pride in London 2018 helps us celebrate the values we live by as a business'.

We're so excited to be joined by friends from an organisation that is doing so much for promoting and encouraging diversity whilst clearly having a great time doing so too.

For more information on Nutmeg visit their website or check out their social media using the links below:

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