Capgemini Sponsor Story - Enabling everyone to bring themselves to work...

Capgemini Sponsor Story - Enabling everyone to bring themselves to work...

We were so excited to announce that Capgemini, having supported us in a number of ways of the last few years, are sponsoring Intertech LGBT+ Diversity Forum as one of our Pride in London 2018 sponsors.

We wanted to therefore ask them to share with you, our members, what diversity inclusion means at Capgemini and why they've chosen to work with us, whilst support you all in celebrating Pride with Intertech this year...

Capgemini run an established diversity and inclusion programme and for that reason they were 'delighted to support Intertech' as this relationship is an important element within our intersectional Active Inclusion programme'. This year they've taken great steps in entering Stonewall’s Top 100 Employers and in their words 'supporting Intertech at Pride in London is a visible part of our commitment in continuing our work to enable everyone to bring themselves to work'.

Here at Intertech, and at many of the organisation we work with, we all know that the business benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce speak for themselves. However, at Capgemini they're so proud to be a Stonewall Top 100 Employer and Stonewall Diversity Champion as they really understand that this enables them to continue to work 'to create an inclusive, safe and supportive workplace environment for all of our employees.' It's really amazing stuff!

Their LGBT+ and Allies network, OUTfront, supports their Active Inclusion ethos and they told us that 'this is all part of ensuring that as a business they drive an organisation that is more inclusive and better equipped to support colleagues and clients in an increasingly diverse global marketplace.'

We're really looking forward to marching together with Capgemini, it’s a highlight of the LGBT+ calendar in the UK and a vibrant day of freedom, individuality, pride, protest and celebration.'

We can't wait!

For more information on Capgemini visit their website or check out their social media using the links below:

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