Simply Business Sponsor Story - Profitability is equally important as impact on society...

Simply Business Sponsor Story - Profitability is equally important as impact on society...

Simply Business, the UK's biggest business insurance broker, are sponsoring Intertech LGBT+ Diversity Forum as one of our Pride in London 2018 sponsors.

We wanted to get to know them a little more so we asked them to share with you, our members, what diversity inclusion means at Simply Business and why they've chosen to work with us, whilst support you all in celebrating Pride with Intertech this year...

Twice named as The Sunday Times Best Company to Work For and recognised as an accredited B Corporation, Simply Business is a tech driven insurance company working to create the best possible insurance experience for small businesses and self-employed people - whilst at the same time ensuring diversity and inclusion remain at the top of their agenda.

We asked Simply Business to give us a quick insight into how they've managed this...

'We’re one of the UK’s biggest providers of business insurance, trusted by over 425,000 customers. With over 400 employees across two UK offices - and a growing US team in Boston. We believe that business should be a force for good. Profitability is important – and being successful gives us the opportunity to make a bigger impact – but having a positive impact on society and the environment is equally important.'

'From improving the lives of our employees and creating a better future through our charity work, to ensuring we don’t harm our environment, we have a proven track record of taking our social responsibility seriously, both for our workers and the wider community.'

So as you can see, they really are, as a business, 'fundamentally committed to supporting anyone who falls under the LGBTQ+ umbrella, and we’re honoured to march with Intertech at Pride in London this year.' We should say we're also honoured to have Simply Business join us for what promises to be our biggest Pride yet!

For more information on Simply Business visit their website or check out their social media using the links below:

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