Kemp Little Sponsor Story - Proud to share our values around diversity and inclusion...

Kemp Little Sponsor Story - Proud to share our values around diversity and inclusion...

It's a first! Kemp Little are marching in Pride in London for the very first time with us, and if that wasn't enough of a reason to celebrate they've also sponsored Intertech LGBT+ Diversity Forum as one of our Pride in London 2018 sponsors.

We wanted to find out just how excited they are about this, as well gain a little more insight to share with you, our members, about what diversity and inclusion means at Kemp Little. Plus, why they've chosen to work with us, whilst support you all in celebrating Pride with Intertech this year...

'Kemp Little started out as a specialist tech law firm and 21 years later we are still at our core a tech-focused and tech-driven firm. We are the go-to specialists for companies across the board who are reliant on technology for their success from start-ups, to unicorns to FTSE 100 names. We are also proud signatories of the Law Society’s Diversity and Inclusion Charter and work hard to embed and live its values in the way we work and recruit and the way we relate to one another.

This is the first year that Kemp Little has marched at Pride with Intertech and we are excited to be partnering with an organisation which not only shares our values around diversity and inclusion, but which is also centred around tech companies, which is the sector at the heart of Kemp Little’s evolution.'

We don't think we could've worded that any better, so we didn't, but we can be sure that Kemp Little are going to bring some some real excitement and atmosphere to the day.

For more information on Kemp Little visit their website or check out their social media using the links below:

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