Pole Beginners Tuesdays September 2019

Pole Beginners Tuesdays September 2019

Posted on behalf of SheSizzles Pole, Aerial and Dance Fitness

SheSizzles was formed to help women of Suffolk get their 'she' sizzling and find their happy place through the art of PoleDance and Burlesque.

We run PoleDancing COURSES so that you can learn to spin, fly, twirl and shimmy around and on the Pole. This is an amazing workout for your upper body and core - and the BEST workout for your confidence and sassiness!

The first thing everybody tends to say to us is "but I dont have any upper body strength, there is no way I could do this'. Believe us when we say YOU CAN! We have heard this many times. Our courses are designed for complete beginners - both a beginners to fitness and a beginner to dance. So anybody can do our Beginners Course. Our Intermediates and Advanced courses are of course harder, but each week of your course we work on strengthening the upper body and core, so by the time you are ready for Inters mentally, so is your body!!

* Beginners
Each week we learn a new spin, so no inverting, no climbing. We learn dance moves to use between each spin (so you don't get dizzy) and then we hook all the spins and moves together into a beautiful routine that gets a little harder each week. You will learn 10 spins so will have lots to show off! The class starts with specific pole warm ups then strength, stamina and conditioning exercises, designed for SheSizzles by a sports scientist. Then the spins and dance section, mini dance sequences followed by learning the fully choreographed routine. Ending with a yoga stretch and cool down.

*****The 6 weeks course is 6 hours long and costs £65 - but if you book with a friend you both receive a £5 discount. A £30 deposit + booking fee - is required to reserve your space - with the £35 balance payable at your first class. Buying a ticket pays for your DEPOSIT ONLY. We email you before the course begins with all the final payment details.

*What to wear? Regular workout clothes are fine for Beginners - leggings, 3/4 capris and a t-shirt are recommended.

After your Beginners Course you can move up the levels -

* Intermediates
In this level we get aerial and upside down! We learn to pole climb, do harder spins and work on adding spins together. We also put the poles on spinning mode so it adds an extra challenge. Many of our Level 1 students do Level 2 together so there is a lovely camaraderie and support network - there are always lots of cheers when an invert is achieved!

* Advanced and SuperAdvanced
One leg hangs, laybacks, spinning pole, splits - aerial awesomeness! We have recently formed a competition group for those polers wanting to compete in amateur Pole Competitions. Focusing on choreography, musicality and technique.

We want to give you the best start to pole so that is why at SheSizzles you share your pole with only one other person - other studios can have 5-10 sharing. Class sizes are small (12 students) and there are 2 Instructors so you get lots of pole time and teaching. SheSizzles offers students a nurturing space with which to harness and release your inner strong woman. All the SheTeam are passionate about releasing your inner pole goddess/superwoman!

SheSizzles donates regularly to charity and we run regular Charity Burlesque Chair Dance/PoleDance workshops. You can also have a burlesque, chairdance, lapdance or poledance class for your Hens, birthday party and any celebration too!

See you soon for spinny, swishy fun ;-)

17 Sep 2019 at 7:35pm
until 22 Oct 2019 at 8:35pm
Kesgrave War Memorial Community Centre
Twelve Acre Approach

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