Kindness Day

Kindness Day

Keynsham Kindness Day

The very first Keynsham KindnessDay began with the schoolchildren at St Keyna Primary singing their kindnesssong as they do every day…but on Monday 24th April, they were beingfilmed by BBC Points West ahead of Keynsham Action Network’s launch event fortheir Kind Keynsham project, which aims to celebrate acts of kindness inKeynsham and beyond. Local shops joined in and made special window displays inyellow to spread the word in the town.

KAN is a small local group ofvolunteers with a Kan-do attitude which aims to help people who live or work inKeynsham to connect people and help positive ideas take root and spread tobenefit the whole town to make it somewhere everyone feels they belong and arevalued.

The kindness project is inspiredby national and international kindness and friendship initiatives and aims tostart a wave of kindness to combat isolation and to help people connect throughkindness.

Supported by funding from theQuartet Community Fund and hosted by Aquaterra at Somerdale Pavilion, thelaunch event on 24th, brought together many local individuals andgroups but also connected with kindness campaigners in London and the USA. Chairman of BANES Cllr Alan Hale and Chairmanof Keynsham Town Council Lisa O’Brien launched two bright yellow beanbag‘kindness couches’ which will tour the town and local areas in communitygroups, schools etc. to help encourage people to sit together and chat and hopefullywill inspire people to do acts of kindness.

Birdgirl Mya-Rose Craig, who, at14 has already travelled the globe with her family, kindly launched theproject’s wristbands which carry a hashtag #kindness_connects and hopefullywill travel far and wide to be spread through acts of kindness, which can beshared using the hashtag on social media.

The event had a wide variety ofactivities to suit all ages including a Kindness café run by Londoner HarpalDhatt, interactive drama, art, pamper sessions, singing with the Goldies,Dementia Action Alliance, Samaritans and a discussion on teen bullying. Itfeatured special videos by Leon Logothetis, author of Kindness Diaries (onNetflix) Orly Wahba, founder of Life Vest Inside. Also the trailer for Love ThyNature by Sylvie Rokab to remind us of the need to connect with nature and bekind to the environment. But the real star of the show was little Daisy fromthe animal welfare charity Heart!

The event was hugely wellreceived and covered on local TV and radio, as well as on Radio Cornwall in theevening. KAN hope to hold further events in the coming months and that otherpeople will be inspired to spread the kindness on an everyday basis to makeKeynsham the first ‘Kind Town’.

KAN already have a twitter feed@keynshamaction and have set up a new facebook page for the project’d really like people to share stories about kindness to spread the word!

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Keynsham Action Network

KAN was set up by local GP Dr William House.

Through building relationships with individuals and local voluntary and statutory organisations we generate an understanding of patterns of need and of inclusion and exclusion within the community. We use that understanding to work with existing organisations and individuals to promote greater connectivity, collaboration and understanding of the needs of individuals and voluntary groups and how they can be met in sustainable ways. We do this by holding networking events (and encouraging others to hold similar events) at which communication and collaboration between individuals and voluntary groups can be facilitated with a view to greater mutual understanding, better use of resources and social inclusion; by promoting the wider availability and use of local news media and social media to help people to be more aware of local opportunities; by identifying and supporting individuals and informal groups with ideas likely to improve social inclusion; by holding educational events to improve knowledge and understanding of the social, environmental and economic problems faced by the community and how these might be resolved by local action.
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