Kind Keynsham Day was on the 11th November in Keynsham high street , weather was bit wet for the event . At first some thought there was a catch to giving out the goody bags, but after a while people was surprised and the children looking into the goody bags to see what was in there . In the bags as our theme is yellow there was banana, pencil ,suspended coffee , wrist band and small rock for the children to paint and hide. we thank the people of KEYNSHAM hoping that they will take a little kindness to others. This was done for the up coming world kindness day on the Monday . This little boy was curious what was in his goody bag.

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KAN was set up by local GP Dr William House.

Through building relationships with individuals and local voluntary and statutory organisations we generate an understanding of patterns of need and of inclusion and exclusion within the community. We use that understanding to work with existing organisations and individuals to promote greater connectivity, collaboration and understanding of the needs of individuals and voluntary groups and how they can be met in sustainable ways. We do this by holding networking events (and encouraging others to hold similar events) at which communication and collaboration between individuals and voluntary groups can be facilitated with a view to greater mutual understanding, better use of resources and social inclusion; by promoting the wider availability and use of local news media and social media to help people to be more aware of local opportunities; by identifying and supporting individuals and informal groups with ideas likely to improve social inclusion; by holding educational events to improve knowledge and understanding of the social, environmental and economic problems faced by the community and how these might be resolved by local action.
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