Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Hello friends,

Our group would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and we hope that 2018 brings more positivity, kindness and lots of community spirit.

Our Kind Keynsham initiative was very well received last year and we hope that the kindness will spread even further in the coming months. The suspended coffees idea is working well and we gather lots of people are using it in our local participating cafes.

Kindness is about nurturing a sense of kinship ('kindship'?) and belonging, and we want to support all the local Keynsham and Saltford groups who help to further this.

We also hope to encourage people to be kind to themselves. In this hectic world, looking after yourself is vitally important. Sometimes it is just resolving to say 'Yes' to opportunities you want to take up and 'No' to the demands of others a little more often when you need to.

Being kind to animals can be very rewarding, even simple things like putting out food for garden birds, especially during these winter months, or feeding the ducks at the pond in the park. It all helps reconnect us with nature.

Decluttering is a great way of starting the new year and donating your unwanted items to charity shops is another way of being kind to the community and recycling rather than wasting.

In a wider sense, kindness can be used in environmental issues, and with the international focus on plastic waste, what better way to be kinder to the planet than to make a resolution to use less plastic? More locally we have Keynsham Wombles trying to make Keynsham a litter free town, so picking up litter really helps keep our town looking lovely.

Whatever you do, making kindness a part of your daily life is well worth doing.

Wishing you all a kindness filled year!

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Through building relationships with individuals and local voluntary and statutory organisations we generate an understanding of patterns of need and of inclusion and exclusion within the community. We use that understanding to work with existing organisations and individuals to promote greater connectivity, collaboration and understanding of the needs of individuals and voluntary groups and how they can be met in sustainable ways. We do this by holding networking events (and encouraging others to hold similar events) at which communication and collaboration between individuals and voluntary groups can be facilitated with a view to greater mutual understanding, better use of resources and social inclusion; by promoting the wider availability and use of local news media and social media to help people to be more aware of local opportunities; by identifying and supporting individuals and informal groups with ideas likely to improve social inclusion; by holding educational events to improve knowledge and understanding of the social, environmental and economic problems faced by the community and how these might be resolved by local action.
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