Keynsham Kindness Festival

Keynsham Kindness Festival

Last year we ran a Kindness Day in April and a smaller event in November. If you haven't heard about it before, you can see a short video about it on our Kind Keynsham facebook page

This year we're planning another event:

Keynsham Kindness Festival, in a similar model to Bristol Food Connections,will aim to be lots of little events in various venues over a number of days between 3rd & 13th November (which is International Kindness Day). In this way, no single organisation will need to commit either significant time or money and each can choose how they would like to contribute, loosely based on the overall theme which is about how kindness affects wellbeing, using the 5 Ways to Wellbeing (devised originally by the New Economics Foundation and used a lot by various organisations) as a basis for a wide range of activities. The 5 ways are Connect, Be Active, Keep Learning, Take Notice, and Give.(see image: Source: Dartmoor Links

We hope to encourage people, whether as individuals or part of an organisation, to take part, this can be something very quick and simple, fitting in with your current activities, as we firmly believe kind acts should be free and easy to do. We really want to reach as many local people as possible in all age ranges , through a variety of kindness related goings on that will hopefully mean there is something for everyone. As with our previous event, this will mean we'll look at ways of being kind not only to people but also to animals and our environment.

There may also (given the time frame) be some link with Armistice, perhaps something along the lines of Kindness not Conflict, possibly with speakers about how kindness can help to prevent wars (perhaps with Phil Hammond to host as he has done for previous KAN Live Simply events at Keynsham Music Festival). It would be great to get speakers from different generations (maybe include Keynsham Now for instance).

We hope to encourage contributors to record what they are doing and share it using our registered Kind Keynsham hashtag #kindness_connects which can be crowdmapped (we have a Ushahidi account) using social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to show when and where all the kindness related goings on are happening (we hope also be able to find someone local to make a short film).

We plan to put together a 'programme' of events and promote this through various channels including KAN social media, local press, local radio etc. We hope to be able to ask for a local designer to help put together flyers/posters etc. for this.

Some of the ideas to date include:

Connect: using the Kindness couches that we launched last year as pop up chat spots; Stefan (Temple Street Canteen) is planning a Tea Party

Be Active : Dance, sports, yoga, walking etc.

Keep Learning: free taster sessions for art/music etc.; involvement of schools, Girl Guides etc.

Take Notice: Plastic Re-action; Wildlife Trust, Wombles (litter pick)

Give: shops on Temple Street planning some freebies; Keynsham Rocks! are keen to be involved and will hopefully be able to paint some #kindness rocks

You can get in touch with us through our facebook page (above) or Keynsham Action Network facebook page or Twitter feed @keynshamaction. You'll also be able to get an idea of any news we have about the upcoming event.

We really hope you'll want to be involved in this exciting event : we think Keynsham is already a very kind place and we want to celebrate that!

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