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September 23 is internationally recognised as Bi Visibility Day (aka Celebrate Bisexuality Day). The week surrounding this, 21-27th this year, is Bi Week.

Lets make #BiVisibilityDay trend on twitter and other social media on 23rd, and boost bi organisations - support groups, social groups, charities (only 2 in the UK - Bicon Continuity and Bi Pride UK) and bisexual individuals themselves. Especially those dealing with other oppressions too, for instance Bisexuals of Colour and Biscuit (for bi women, trans inclusionary) that respectively help this often erased/invisible part of the LGBTQIA+ community. Bisexuals and other non-monosexuals are (at least) around half of LGBT people, most likely even more, and have a unique set of challenges that include being targeted by homophobia as well as biphobia. This oppression all leads to more poverty, abuse (sexual and domestic violence) and stereotypes - so share your experiences where you can, share positivity when you can, and talk your truths. Repeating the myths in order to debunk them can be counter productive, so share the truth, and keep sharing it!

Many bi groups put on extra events and focus extra energy around this time, so check out (eg. via what your local group is up to, and chuck them some extra money if you can afford to - or donate to related causes, offer some time or skills to help out with whatever you've got skills or interest in. Ask them what they need, and how you can help.

We're running an online social on our usual Thursday right next to BVD, and watch out for some extra stuff on the meetup events list!
21 Sep 2020
until 27 Sep 2020

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