Fear is friend and Not our ENEMY!

Fear is friend and Not our ENEMY!

Posted on behalf of Gavin Gooden

                                                        Fear is our friend and not our enemy!

Welcome to Mind ReMappping an alternative approach to overcoming mental & physical obstacles.

What if I told you that we are misreading our emotions?

What if I told you that our emotions are neither negative or positive?

What if I said the way we interpret and use our emotions, could mean the difference between overcoming obstacles or being bound by them?

Would that change the way we approached our daily Challenges & Obstacles or would we still struggle with them?

Our emotions are like a compass, a tool that guides us towards our heartfelt intentions.

The further away we are from them the more turbulent (negative) the sensation, the closer we are the more focused (positive) the sensation.

When we label our emotions as either positive or negative we create concepts in relation to that emotion.

When we feel negative towards an outcome we associate negative words & phrases to the emotions felt at that time.

Those negative words conjure negative concepts and images in our minds, that become as powerful as the turbulent (negative) emotion we feel, and if permitted will also create mental obstacles.

Therefore every time we face the same difficult challenges that raise the same turbulent emotions that we have classed as negative, those challenges also raise the negative concepts & obstacles associated with those emotions too.

And as our emotions are a true reflection of how well feel at the moment, our concepts and obstacles also become as true as those emotions.

Since we class negative emotions as the enemy to our well-being, we do what we can to avoid feeling them, however, they are an essential part of our progress.

Without them, we wouldn’t know where we are in relation to our intentions.

                                          Hence – Fear is your friend and not your enemy! 

Our emotions have no concepts or ideas, the ideas are a creation of our minds that bear no potential for our possible outcomes.

The outcomes are entirely down to our us.

Negative emotions are turbulence felt mentally and physically towards an intention or outcome.

Turbulence is the agitation, growth and development of change from state to another, which we misread as pain or discomfort, that we associate as negative, but simply it is the self  saying "it doesn’t understand our intention or outcome"…..yet!

The mental and physical self is working relentlessly working towards the alignment of our intentions for which the turbulence is a reaction, and without turbulence, there is no growth, there is no alignment.

During alignment, we have to prevent our mind from creating negative concepts from what we understand and have learnt to be negative emotions. As if we do we will manifest powerful obstacles that contaminate our minds.

We have to alter our thought process, we have to ReMap our Minds.

To understand and learn about Mind ReMapping please join me at our next seminar.

Please bring an open mind and be prepared to get involved in role plays.


 What are my transport/parking options for getting to and from the event?

The venue is located in Luton Town Centre. The venue itself does not offer parking, but there sufficient parking facilities available nearby.

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

You can contact me directly @ mindremapping@gmail.com or 07867 165247


07 Sep 2018 at 12:00pm
until 07 Sep 2018 at 2:00pm
George Street

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