Become An Empowered Empath

Become An Empowered Empath

Posted on behalf of Caroline Strawson


Empaths have the innate ability to feel the emotions of others. Those gifted with empathy are highly sensitive to the emotions of others. When people are feeling happy, loving, excited, or peaceful, empaths can feel it. On the other hand, when people are feeling sad, angry, frightened, or sick, empaths feel that too. Thus being an empath is both blessing and curse. 

I am an empath but used to feel drained and exhausted all the time absorbing people's energies but I am now an EMPOWERED EMPATH and in this workshop, I will teach you how to become EMPOWERED from EXHAUSTED 

More than being aware of emotions, Empaths actually absorb emotions instinctively, particularly negative emotions. People suffering from depression often feel better after being around empaths because of how they instinctively siphon away negative emotions. This is great for anyone with depression, but somewhat problematic for an untrained empath. 

As sensitive souls, empaths are very susceptible to these energies around them. Those who don’t know they’re one, end up feeling drained and grumpy and exhausted.

They may believe something is wrong with them when the real cause of their worn out emotions are the energies they have picked up from the people or situations surrounding them. If you’ve been accustomed to feeling or sensing the emotions of others, chances are you could be an empath.

The main characteristics of an empath include people pleasing, feeling you’re responsible for other people’s mood, getting drained in crowded places, or feeling uncomfortable with some types of people and feeling at ease with others even if you just meet them for the first time.

Being empathetic is NOT the same as being an empath because an empath FEELS the pain of others just as it were their own. Being an empath is truly a gift but only if you create the right environment for you to thrive with this ability. 

In this moni workshop you will receive a workbook to take away and implement key strategies to maintain your energy levels yet embrace the gift of being an empath. The sort of things you will learn will include :

  • What being an Empath really is (and it's not "woo woo" or weird)...

  • Why you get so easily exhausted in emotional situations, and how to recharge your own batteries

  • How to identify and detach from a draining person without guilt.

  • Why you attract "energy vampire" type relationships

  • How to evaluate who and what you give your time to—and how to feel okay about taking care of yourself.

  • Learning that "no" is a full sentence without making yourself sick with guilt because you are empathizing with the other's point of view too much.

  • How to create healthy boundaries.

  • How to turn your empathic abilities off and on, depending on the situation (if you are open all the time, you will become very sick and very tired)

  • How to clear out the negative "stuff" you have (unconsciously) gathered during the day.

  • How to stop feeling like it is your responsibility to help everyone around you

  • What you can do to instantly feel better on a bad day.

Turn yourself from an EXHAUSTED EMPATH to an EMPOWERED EMPATH and learn how to utolise this gift

Come along to this mini workshop and connect with other empaths and receive a Become An Empowered Empath Workbook 

There is a Coffee Shop at the hotel to purchase snacks and drinks.


Where is the event?

Hilton Hotel, Northampton. 100 Watering Lane, Collingtree, Northampton NN4 0XW

By car: Just off junction 15 of the M1 and only 10 minutes' drive from Northampton town centre and there is FREE parking at venue

By train: Northampton is well connected by rail e.g. London Euston to Northampton (approx 50 mins), Birmingham to Northampton (approx one hour), Manchester to Northampton (approx two hours). The hotel is approximately 8 miles away from Northampton Train Station (Uber estimates £12-16)

By air: Luton Airport is approx 40 minutes away and Birmingham 60 minutes (by car). Uber estimates £50-60. 

Can I stay at the venue? 

Yes you can. As an event delegate, you get a preferential rate of £89 single occupance and £99 for a double both with bed and brakfast. If you would prefer to book your own accommodation, here is a list of nearby hotels:-

Holiday Inn Express Northampton - South

Hotel Restaurant Campanile Northampton

Travelodge Northampton Wootton

Holiday Inn Northampton

Northampton Marriott Hotel

What are the timings?

9am start 
5pm Finish 


Buffet Lunch (Please let organiser know of any special dietary requirements)

What is the refund policy?

Please be advised that if you are unable to attend the event we are unable to offer refunds, transfers to a digital ticket or credits for a future event. If you buy a ticket and are unable to attend, you are welcome to sell your ticket as long as we have at least 48 hours notice of the name of your replacement and any dietary requirements. Please email this to

Is my registration/ticket transferrable?

If you are unable to make the event, you may transfer your ticket to a friend/colleague. Just drop us a line at least 24 hours before the event with their name (and dietary requirements). 

Can I pay in instalments? 

Unfortunately not.

Is there an alternative method of payment?

Automating registration and payment via Eventbrite helps us keep ticket prices down so that is our preferred method of payment.

What if I don't have/ don't want to use PayPal?

You don't need to a PayPal account to buy a ticket for this event. When you get to the checkout select 'checkout as guest' and you'll be able to enter your credit or debit card details as normal. 

Where can I contact the organiser with any other questions?

Please email any queries to Caroline Strawson

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?


Look forward to seeing you at this very special LIVE workshop 

Your friend and coach 

Caroline Strawson xo

10 Nov 2019 at 10:00am
until 10 Nov 2019 at 2:00pm
Hilton Northampton
100 Watering Lane

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