We're proud to announce we are launching a new online network for Surrey businesses in partnership with Surrey-based business

It's called.... and all businesses in Surrey are invited to join.

Surrey Chambers members are entitled to half-price membership, which for small businesses makes it a total bargain at £5 a month + VAT, or £50 for a whole year.

Benefits for businesses include:

  • A digital communications tool that helps with simple blogging, social media posting and creating email newsletters - all in one tool
  • Access to the Surrey Business online business network, which means your stories and events are automatically posted on the website, and they are shared with all other business members of the network, allowing you to get the word out about your business to lots of other businesses in the network
  • Free use of content created by other network members, that you can share in your own email newsletters
  • Access to other Surrey sites that are part of the family - such as, and many more - where your news and events can also be posted and shared with non-profit organisations across Surrey.
To try it out for free, simply go to and click 'Join'. You'll be able to try out all the features for free, until you decide to send an email newsletter or publish a story.

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Surrey Chambers of Commerce is the county’s largest independent not for profit business support and networking organisation. Representing the interests of 1,500 businesses (with 55,000 employees), and connecting over 5,000 business people every year. We help you grow your business, increase your contacts and obtain the right kind of professional support.

Surrey Chambers is affiliated to, and accredited by, the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) which represents over 100,000 UK businesses, makes representation to Government and is consulted on a wide range of business issues and proposed legislation. This means that our members are the business voice for Surrey.
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