The community information platform

  • Community information gathering and management
  • Community communication across multiple channels
  • Easy-to-use web tools for community groups
  • Community calendars, email newsletters, print and social media
  • Gets the hardest-to-find information to the hardest-to-reach residents

Our Community Platform provides a scalable cloud-based platform currently supporting over 100 communities. It collects, curates, and distributes community information from local groups and organisations across multiple communication channels.

  • Collect community information directly from local groups using our web tool
  • Collect community information from multiple online sources, automatically
  • Easily curate and monitor incoming community information for quality control
  • Send weekly or twice-weekly community email newsletters
  • Publish community calendars which are full of information, and always up to date
  • Push community information out across all your social media
  • Easily experiment with new print formats for distributing community information
  • Integrate information into existing channels eg magazines, council websites

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Some communities we work with

Guildford Managed by Voluntary Action South West Surrey

Worthing Managed by Voluntary Action Worthing

Woking Managed by WAVS

Bath Managed by Local Giving in BANES

Our Web Tool for Local Groups provides a cloud-based web tool to help local groups with all their communications.

  • Write and manage content in one place
  • Publish content directly onto community websites and in community emails
  • Manage email mailing lists and send simple email newsletters
  • Post content directly to social media accounts, and schedule posts to Twitter
  • Create print newsletters from the same content with only a few clicks
  • Collaborate with other local groups to feature their content in your communications
  • Share the task with multiple team members

We have over 1,000 local groups using our web tool. The basic version is free for groups who are part of a community on, and using all the features costs £90 per year. Find your community to join here or Join here if does not operate in your community.

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Local Government Comms & Marketing

If you work in communications and marketing for a local authority, can help you save time and do your job more effectively, whilst providing richer hyperlocal content to local residents. It can help you communicate more regularly and more relevantly with residents, at low cost, and increase their engagement.

  • Streamline the collection of community information and avoid duplication
  • Communicate rich hyperlocal information with residents
  • Create hyperlocal websites and information streams for suburbs and villages
  • Integrate our community information into your existing emails, magazines, social media
  • Work with multiple team members to manage community information
  • Collect analytics on who has seen community information across different channels
  • Schedule the posting of community information on social media
  • Move towards personalization of information sent to residents

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Voluntary Sector Support

If you work in voluntary sector support, for a Council for Voluntary Service or for a Local Authority, can help you save time and money, whilst using digital tools to empower voluntary organisations to collaborate more, and to improve their relationships with local residents, improving the volunteering rate, and improving awareness of service providers.

  • Streamline the production of newsletters for and about your local voluntary sector
  • Move towards a self-serve model of communication, saving time and money
  • Encourage voluntary sector collaboration through easy sharing of each other’s content
  • Provide a powerful platform collecting together all voluntary sector news and events
  • Increase local awareness of your voluntary sector
  • Move beyond static voluntary sector directories to a more dynamic model

We can help train your voluntary groups in how to use our simple web tool. Contact us. Book an online demo now to see how can help you support your local voluntary sector.

Community Resilience

If you work in Community Resilience or Emergency Planning, can help you provide tools to help communities self-organise, and to help them communicate before, during and after an emergency, to become more resilient.

  • Our web tool is suitable for community resilience groups
  • We are building new features especially designed for community resilience purposes

Communications is a key part of community resilience, and is often overlooked.

We are looking for community resilience teams, and those who need to communicate with them, to pilot new features specifically designed for this sector. Contact us to find out more.

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Community Development

If you work in a Community Development role, can help you build a more active, knowledgeable community, with regular and dynamic channels of communication between local groups and local residents. Local groups, projects and activities will have a single platform which helps them get the word out to local residents with minimal effort and maximum impact.

  • Our web tool for community groups helps them with all forms of communication – email, social media, print, and web publishing
  • Our community websites will bring your community information together in one place, for large or small communities
  • Our weekly or twice-weekly community email newsletters go out automatically, so they don’t require any extra work
  • You can encourage collaboration between community groups who can easily share and feature each other’s content
  • Our community calendar helps avoid local events clashing dates

Great communities run on dynamic, complete, up-to-date, community-sourced information, distributed in multiple ways to make sure it reaches everyone, no matter how they prefer to consume their information. helps even the smallest community to achieve great togetherness.

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Democratic Services & Citizen Engagement

If you work in Democratic Services, can help you improve the way your members communicate with their constituents, and the way in which you communicate with, and engage, residents at a Ward level, especially when consultation is essential.

  • Local councillors can manage their own communications and contribute to shared communications using the same tool
  • Multiple channels are used to communicate the same information, increasing reach and inclusivity
  • Offering a regular community information service to residents means they are reading your content every week, making it easier to communicate about consultations
  • Analytics are available on reach and engagement
  • Integrations are available with existing council websites, social media, and email services

Although does not offer consultation tools, we can recommend consultation tools which will work well with We provide ways of ensuring everyone knows about your consultations through regular community-level communications.

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